1 .Certification can be suspended under following conditions.
* When certified client’s management system continuously does not satisfy the requirement of management
system’s effectiveness
* When audit cycle is rejected or cancelled without reasonable excuse (within the period of 12months for
surveillance audit)
* When certified clients request suspension for their certificate
* When corrective action is confirmed to be false in the contents
2.Certification can be withdrawal under following conditions.
* When certified client couldn’t resolve the problem which was cause of suspension of their certification during
their period of suspension.
* Suspension of Business.
* Voluntary withdrawal by client
* When certification period has expired as a client refused to be audited recertification in their certification period.
3.In case of suspension, the certification of management system loses its validity for the mean
time. OSS ME makes the restrictive agreement with the client, in order to prevent that the
client continuously promotes their certification fact under the suspension condition. Suspended
certification list is opened to the public through OSS ME website.
4.If the problem related to reason of suspension is not solved within period determined by certification
body, the certification shall be withdrawn or reduced the certification scope of certified organization.
The suspension would not exceed 6 months.
5.In case the client’s certified management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet certification
requirements, the part which does not meet requirements shall be excluded by reducing the certification
scope of certified client. In case of this kind of reducing the certification scope, relevant management
system shall meet the certified standard requirement.
6.OSS ME makes the restrictive agreement about certification withdrawal with the client in order to
ensure the client shall stop using every promotion material related to certification when the client is
informed the notification of withdrawal.
7.On demand by the person concerned, the status of the client’s management system is clarified

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