1) General:

Your organization may wish to use the OSS Logo to market itself as a company registered to ISO 9001. Artwork is supplied on computer disk/print to assist you or your printer. Where certificates issued to you is accredited one from the accreditation board for the scope of your registration, you may use either the basic OSS Logo, or the Logo combined with the relevant accreditation body Accreditation Mark to which your scope of registration relate. However, please observe the following, which will be subject to monitoring by OSS during surveillance visits.

2) Conditions of Use:

a) Logos may not be used on Products or Packaging or other materials which may suggest product approval.

b) Logos may be used on letterheads, business cards, brochures, advertising material.

c) There is no restriction as to the size of the basic OSS Logo.
d) If required, place of your organization’s name in the bottom centre of the OSS Logo.

e) For testing & calibration Laboratories Client shall not use OSS Middle East logo on test results

3) Conditions for the combined OSS/EGAC Accreditation Mark

a) The combined OSS/Accreditation Mark Logo may be used only by organization whose registration is covered by OSS’ accreditation of that accreditation board.

b) The Accreditation Mark may be used only with the OSS logo to the left of it. The logo and Accreditation Mark must be enclosed in a box and reproduced accurately, strictly in accordance with the artwork.

c) The accreditation mark logo shall not be reproduced in isolation of the OSS logo.

d) The Accreditation Mark may not be affixed to, or appear on, a road vehicle, building, flag or product packaging. The Logo shall not be used in anyway that it misleads the reader about the accredited status of OSS or certified body.

e) The EGAC Logo may be reproduced, as described in the given link EGAC Procedure3: Rules of Procedure Governing the Use of the Accreditation Symbol

4) If any doubt?
If you have any doubt regarding the use of logo, please contact the OSS office before printing.


The ISO Certificate and Mark related to certification is the property of OSS Middle East. This shall used as per the instruction provide and as per the agreement made at the time of certification for the scope of certification. In case of expiry / Extension scope/ Revision / suspension / withdrawal of certification the client organization shall make sure that the certificate is returned and shall make sure that the mark of certification is not used or it shall not be used in a misleading manner. Not meeting these requirement shall lead to legal solution to ensure those requirements are maintained as per the certification / accreditation requirement

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