OSS Middle East provides quality inspection services to manufacturers, retailers, traders and Governments, as well as international buyers and sellers of goods and products.

Amidst global coordination among its branches

An inspection company provides the following inspection services

  • Inspection of agricultural shipments
  • Inspection of supplier and exporter services
  • Inspection of product identification card issuance
  • Food screening
  • Consumer goods inspection services
  • Screening of children’s products
  • Metallurgical Examination and Inspection
  • Booking Internet Search Service
  • Inspection of petrochemical shipments
  • Inspection of petroleum shipments
  • Special checks to verify product conformity
  • Tissue and clothing screening

The company’s screening services help reduce the proportion of defective products, reduce customer complaints and reduce cargo delays. Our independent screening services protect the interests of businesses, overcome risks, and ensure that high quality products are manufactured and delivered to the final destination according to the customer’s specifications.

 inspection services help clients to evaluate whether their products, processes and services comply with all the relevant standards, both regulatory and voluntary.

OSS inspects all types of facilities, products and services worldwide, guaranteeing objective and impartial results and helping its clients to fulfill their contractual obligations with their own clients or suppliers.

Our Services
Special Inspection Services

OSS provides a full range of Special Inspection Services — that is, monitoring of materials and workmanship critical to the integrity of the building structure — in order to ensure compliance with approved plans, specifications and relevant building codes and ordinances.

The special inspection process is required in accordance with the California Building Code (CBC), Chapter 17 for most construction projects and for the CBC Title 24 Chapter 17A for OSHPD and DSA projects. These special inspections are in addition to inspections conducted by the jurisdiction.

Professional Services

OSS provides a range of professional services for the construction industry. In addition to our certified Special Inspectors, ISI has California Licensed Civil and Geotechnical Engineers, and certified technicians.

Laboratory Services

operates a full service Materials Testing Laboratory, in Berkeley, California. Testing is overseen by a professional registered engineer and conducted by certified laboratory technicians (NICET, ACI, CALTRANS). Our Torrance lab is AASHTO accredited and our Berkeley lab is accredited by numerous state and federal agencies including:

  • AMRL – AASHTO Materials Reference Laboratory
  • AASHTO – American Association of State and Highway Transportation Officials
  • CCRL – Cement and Concrete Reference Laboratory (through AASHTO)
  • ASTM – American Society for Testing and Materials (through AASHTO)
  • Caltrans – California Department of Transportation
  • DSA – Division of the State Architect
  • LEA – Laboratory Evaluation and Acceptance Program

These accreditations include on-site inspections of the laboratory, review of the lab quality control manual, lab equipment calibrations, maintenance schedules and lab testing procedures. The ISI laboratory also participates in reference sample programs for asphalt, concrete, soil and aggregate, administered by the above mentioned state and federal agencies. This program compares the quality of ISI test results with laboratories across the nation or state, depending on the certifying agency.

Content and Package Quality Inspection
Production Line Inspection Solutions to Ensure Product Quality and Integrity

Sending incomplete or substandard quality product to market is bad for business. The result can be lost customer confidence, damaged reputations and costly recalls. Random manual sampling and quality checks are inherently unsafe posing a serious risk that out-of-specification products reach end users. Detecting faults early in a process can benefit production schedules and avoid the need to quarantine suspect product in the event of a quality issue. Modern quality inspection systems inspect 100% of product, making it quicker and easier to identify the scale and source of a problem.

Final Packaged Product Quality Solutions

The Final quality check of a packaged product gives assurance to the buyer that all product quality criteria have been met. There are a range of inspection technologies available. The selection of the correct technology to use will depend on the type of product being inspected, the process application, the quality standards to be met and the defined inspection parameters The table below gives some guidance as to the technologies available and the functions they can perform.

Depending on the type of product being produced, one or multiple technologies may be suited to carry out the inspection required. Each Technology has its particular strengths and limitations so you should consult your local METTLER TOLEDO sales team to find the right solution.
Request more information on quality inspection application solutions
Integrity, Counting and Completeness Inspection

These three applications are all similar in how they measure the quality of packaged products. All three check that all the expected content components are present. This is either done visually using an x-ray or camera image or using the final packaged weight. Additionally, the visual inspection technologies can detect if the individual items or products are in a good condition.

Final Packaging Quality Inspection

A visual inspection of the final packaging can be completed using high resolution cameras. This can ensure that the package is correctly closed, is undamaged and meets all quality criteria. In addition, labels can be checked for presence and position while label contents can be inspected for correctness including barcodes, lot numbers, best before dates and allergen declarations.

How to Set-up Quality Control Processes and Programmes

METTLER TOLEDO has created a set of industry guides to explain the steps of setting up an effective product inspection program. These guides are available for free download.

Quality Assurance vs Quality Control

Quality Assurance, in contrast to quality control, is the implementation of quality checks and procedures to immediately correct any failure and mistake that is able to reduce the quality of the interim products at every production step. Thus, the desired high quality of the final product can be planned and assured.

The final quality inspection is proof of due diligence and its use is laid down in many food safety and pharmaceutical guidelines, standards, legislation and regulations.

Modern x-ray inspection systems can perform a wide-range of in-line quality checks including measuring mass, counting components, identifying missing or broken products, monitoring fill levels, inspecting seal integrity and checking for damaged packaging in addition to contamination detection.

Vision inspection solutions are able to perform complete dimensional and cosmetic inspections on package shape and closures as well as carry out full label inspection. Systems are infinitely scalable and can verify package integrity on filled bottles, trays, cases, cartons, kits and other packages. Labels play a key part of packaging and the ability to inspect labels for proper ID, correctness and overall presentation, verifying that barcodes and printed codes are readable and correct will ensure that poorly packaged product will never reach the retail shelf.

METTLER TOLEDO is uniquely able to draw on the applications expertise of a global network of industry specialists and a comprehensive range of advanced inspection technologies. We are committed to providing the most appropriate solutions to address the  full life-cycle needs of our customers safely and sustainably.

OSS Middle East Provide all field with quality services and Management Systems to ask for a price list or free consultation for any services we provide contact us now!

Oss Middle East Company:

Aim to help organization in all sectors in Egypt and Middle East to apply the international standard in Quality Management systems in all fields.

OSS Accredited by:-

Egyptian Organization For Standardization & Quality
"EOS "

OSS register by Many Egyptian Organization:

Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation
IMC - مركز تحديث الصناعة

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