OSS Middle East has worked successfully since 2011 with leading Electrical and Electronic, Construction, Machinery, Medical Devices product manufacturers, our experts performs (if necessary in co-operation with a third party) product testing to determine if the products are in compliance with the applicable European standards and the essential for CE Mark Certification.
 OSS Middle East  is FDA Imports partner in Egypt and Middle East, FDA Imports is specialized in registration companies and organization in U.S. Food and Drugs Administration. We assist our clients to export foods, dietary supplements, cosmetics, drugs, devices, or tobacco to the U.S.
  OSS Middle East assists manufactures and exporters in each step to fulfill all needs with regard Saudi Arabia market access approval. We are highly experienced in helping companies obtain [SAUDI Standards, Metrology and Quality Org]SASO Quality Mark Obtaining, which is necessary to export to Saudi market. SASO Quality Mark require manufacture to have highly competent quality control system, also the products must be in compliance with the applicable Saudi standards and technical regulation.
  OSS Middle East  certifies GMP [Good Manufacture Practice] to manufactures which have a system for ensuring that products are consistently produced and controlled according to quality standards and also engage with good manufacturing practices in their manufacturing or service processes, according to a Standard Code of Practice related to their business. 

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