The Challenges

      Sinai Cement Company (SAE) has been established in accordance with law No.8 for the year 1997 and pursuant to the resolution No.72 for the year 1998 for the production of cement, Packing bags and the manufacture of all cement products. The actual production was started with effect from 22/1/2001 as per the resolution of the public authority for investment and free zones (dated 22/9/2001).

      Company Purpose:
      Producing cement, packing bags and full-range cement products.

      Establishing Date:
      January 1, 1997.

      Financial Year Start:
      First of January.

      Authorized: 1,000,000,000 L.E
      Issued and paid: 700,000,000
      Dividend into 70 million shares of L.E 10 each.


      sina cement one of oss middle east costumer
      sina cement one of oss middle east costumer