The Challenges

      The Egyptian Veterinarians Syndicate was established by Law No. 65 of 1940 as a subsidiary of the Federation of Medical Professions.

      It is now operating under Law No. 48 of 1969 under the General Union of Medical Syndicates in Law No. 13 of 1983, which includes the syndicates of medical doctors, veterinarians, dentists, and pharmacists.

      The Council of the Federation of Medical Professions is composed of representatives of the Medical Syndicate (human physicians) and the other three chair persons are vice president of the Union President.

      The syndicate administers the following corporates:

      The General Assembly:

      – All members registered in the General Schedule are included in the General Union.

      The Board Council of the Syndicate:

      – It consists of 25 members elected by secret ballot for 4 years of the captain and the number of 24 members, half of them members who have been members of the union more than 15 years and the other half members less than 15 years and be represented at the level of the Republic.

      The Board Council of the Syndicate comprises among its members an office of:

      the President, the Vice President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, Assistant Secretary General, Assistant Treasurer.

      The Council of the Union shall also form specialized committees and sub-committees, including:

      Committee of Registration in the Syndicate

      Legislative Committee Social Committee Scientific

      Committee Treatment

      Committee Committee for complaints and suggestions

      Committee for Political Communication

      Media Committee

      Committee of Inquiry Housing

      Committee Youth Committee

      Committee of Sub-Associations

      Committee on Fisheries

      Committee for Drug and Companies

      Evaluation and Fellowship Committee

      Medical Analysis Committee

      Committee on Poultry Wealth

      Committee on Animal Wealth Field Monitoring

      Committee Veterinary Facilities

      Committee Information

      Technology Committee

      Committee for the Rights of Veterinarians

      Committee for Development of Resources and Projects

      Committee on Animal Rights and Wildlife.


      نقابة الاطباء البيطريين