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OSS is a certified body by Unicert to offer accreditation from the German Accreditation Body (DAKKS) in Egypt and the Middle East. DAKKS serves as the national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany, playing a central role in the country’s quality infrastructure by issuing accreditations in the field of conformity assessment.

The German Accreditation Body, DAKKS, is the national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany. Serving as a central building block of the country’s quality infrastructure, DAKKS issues accreditations in the field of conformity assessment. Acting within a legal mandate and in the interest of the state, the economy, and the protection of society and the environment, the German Accreditation Body DAKKS plays a crucial role.

The national accreditation body of the Federal Republic of Germany. Our accreditations establish confidence in the work of testing, inspection and certification bodies whose assessment services are required in many sectors of the economy. With an accreditation, we confirm that these organizations can perform their work competently and in accordance with the requirements of internationally applicable standards, legal bases and relevant rules. That is our legal mandate. With our accreditations, we help to make products, processes and services safer and to simplify trade in Europe and around the world – in the interests of the nation and the economy, of protecting society and the environment.

The German Accreditation Body DAKKS Mission statement

German Accreditation Body-(DAKKS)
German Accreditation Body

As the German accreditation body, our mission statement serves as the guide for our daily conduct. It lays out how we fulfil our mandate and meet our responsibilities towards clients, employees, shareholders, the economy and the public. Our guiding principles are binding for everyone – regardless of role and hierarchy.


We examine issues carefully, ask critical questions, make our assessments independently and our decisions responsibly. With this approach, we provide an important impetus for the accreditation landscape and develop it continuously.

We have the experience and expertise required to fulfil our mandate. We can also draw on a broad base of experts. At the same time, we strive to improve ourselves continuously in order to perform our duties more efficiently and better.


Our independence and impartiality are key pillars of our work. We always act in keeping with the values of our society and we are aware of our social responsibility. As a service provider with a statutory mandate, open, fair and transparent dealings are important to us.

We believe that we are doing something good and important. We are proud of that.

UNICERT Accreditation

الإعتماد الألماني الداكس-(DAKKS) - OSS لمنح شهادات الأيزو والجودة
Unicert provide German Accreditation Body-(DAKKS)

OSS Middle East is an agent for UNICERT certification body. UNICERT is an accredited by the International Accreditation Services (IAS)-USA, as a certification body (CB) for quality management system

United Certification Services Limited (UNiCERT) is an CMMI Institute transition partner for providing process improvements in the area of CMMI for Development and Services. UNiCERT is the renowned name for management system audit, inspection, testing, training and certification with widest scopes of accreditation for quality (ISO 9001), environmental (ISO 14001), health & safety (OHSAS 18001), information technology (ISO 20000), information security (ISO 27001), business continuity (ISO 22301) and other’s. UNiCERT providing IRCA approved ISO lead auditor course and closely involved with COC audit, Quality improvement consulting, approach and toolkit that accelerates the delivery of change into an organization. UNi-CERT team has significant experience in implementing many practical business improvement projects across the globe.

As an internationally represented certification organization UNIVERSAL, we carry out worldwide testing, certification and observation
services. For us, the principles and values such as independence, objectivity and close trust with our clients play a crucial and essential role.

Established nearly two decades ago, the certification body carries out all activities in the field of conformity assessment under the brand name UNICERT and is certified annually by the German certification authority German Accreditation Body – DAKKS accredited and assessed. These regular assessments thus contribute to ensuring that we always deliver a high standard of quality and safety in accordance with our values and principles.

Through consistent further development, we are able to create real added value for our clients by creating real and applicable solutions for your company by means of specially trained personnel and corresponding company concepts.

UNIVERSAL GmbH has been accredited in ISO 9001-ISO 14001-ISO 22000 and make certification in these areas. Universal GmbH can provide you the most accurate and timely services on the basis of many years` experience and know-how in the certification business.



Three pillars characterize our corporate philosophy, with which we ensure a competent, mature and objective certification of products, services and organizational structures.


Core elements of our services are the optimization of the resources contained in each company. By increasing the efficiency of work processes and the certified quality of products and services, we provide our customers with competitive advantages.


Each challenge is implemented with proven reliability, quality and to the complete satisfaction of all cooperating with us and the certification process involved.

The continuous training of our team members ensures that we strive for and achieve our goals in the interests of our clients.

Our operational activities are always free from extraneous, external influences and influences, sovereign and objective. The certification company examines and masters possible conflicts of interest and has its own qualification checked and evaluated by external accreditation bodies and state organizations as regularly as thoroughly.


The transparency of our services and the complete satisfaction of our customers create trust, which plays a crucial role in dealing with clients, partners and employees. In addition to our reliability, which we have acquired and confirmed over many years, mutual trust, openness and transparency are important in order to improve our products and services and to increase the efficiency of our work processes in the interests of our customers.


The certification company always guarantees you a professional and efficient implementation of your company audit including the duration of the audit in accordance with specified regulations. We would be pleased to explain the corresponding necessities and requirements of the system recommended by us in detail during a first contact.


The certification company provides an audit management system (UPR.02 certification procedure) to third parties. In order to meet the needs and expectations of the client, clear, efficient and professional certification processes are implemented, which are defined in the following information.


Our process from pre-audit through stage audits to surveillance/ & recertification audits are characterized by professional and efficient methods and deliver the highest quality.

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Oss Middle East Company:

Aim to help organization in all sectors in Egypt and Middle East to apply the international standard in Quality Management systems in all fields.

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