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OSS Middle East is a certification body for the Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC), In Egypt and the middle east countries. EGAC is the sole body in Egypt grants accreditation of conformity assessment bodies including testin.

The Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC) is established by the Presidential Decree number 312/1996 and re-organized by the Presidential Decree number 248/2006 as the sole national body for the assessment and accreditation of conformity assessment bodies in Egypt performing testing/ calibration Laboratories, inspection and certification of products & systems as well as personnel.

EGAC is headed by the Minister of Trade & Industry and governed by a board of 14 members, representing all stakeholders and concerned bodies.

What is EGAC?

The Egyptian Accreditation Council was Established by Presidential Decree No. 312 for Year 1996 to Become the Only National Body Competent in the Arab Republic of Egypt to Evaluate/Assess and Accredit Conformity Assessment Bodies, which are (Testing Laboratories/ Calibration Laboratories / Inspection Bodies / Certification Bodies of Management Systems / Medical Testing Laboratories / Product Certification Bodies/ Technical Proficiency Testing Service Providers /Proficiency Testing Bodies/ Personal Certification Bodies/ Halal Certification Bodies/ Forensic Laboratories /Biobanks Laboratories).

Presidential Decree No. 248 of Year 2006 was also Issued to Reorganize the Egyptian Accreditation Council and Grant EGAC Technical, Administrative and Financial Independence to Assess and Accredit Conformity Assessment Bodies in Egypt, The Authority of the Egyptian Accreditation Council Comes from the Authority Granted to it by the State.

The Egyptian Accreditation Council is a Government Organization Affiliated to the Ministry of Trade and Industry and is a Non-Profitable Organization.

Also, the Presidential Decree number 248/2006 has re-organized the Egyptian Accreditation Council as the sole accreditation body in Egypt and gave it the technical, administrative and financial independence for the assessment and accreditation of conformity assessment bodies in Egypt.

Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC) Objectives

  • To Provide an Accreditation Service in Accordance with International Requirements.
  • To Sharing Improving the Standards of Calibration, Testing, Inspection, and Certification in Egypt to Meet the Requirements of International Standards.
  • To Provide Assessment Services in Support of Governmental Regulations and Initiatives.
  • To Establish and Maintain Mutual Recognition with International and Regional Accreditation Bodies Operating to Equivalent Standards.
  • To Reduce the Need for Multiple Assessments.

Responsibilities of Egyptian Accreditation Council (EGAC)

  • Set up a System for Assessment of Conformity Assessment Bodies, and Issue Accreditation Certificates.
  • Grant, Extend, Reduce, Renew, Suspend, or Withdraw Accreditation for Conformity Assessment Bodies.
  • Carry out Continuous Surveillance of the Accredited Bodies.
  • Contribute to Upgrading the Quality of Services of Conformity Assessment Bodies According to the International Criteria.
  • Encourage the Exchange of Experience Among Different Accreditation Bodies.
  • Support Mutual Recognition Between Conformity Assessment Bodies Working in Egypt and Abroad and Conclude Agreements for this Purpose.
  • Represent the State Abroad in Accreditation Activities and Cooperate with Corresponding Bodies.

OSS EGAC accreditation certificate:

OSS EGAC accreditation certificate
 NO. 117002 A
OSS EGAC accreditation certificate
NO. 117002 A


  • Set up a system for assessment of conformity assessment bodies, and issue accreditation certificates.
  • Grant, suspend, or withdraw accreditation for conformity assessment bodies. Carry out continuous surveillance of the accredited bodies.
  • Contribute to upgrading the quality of services of conformity assessment bodies according to the international criteria.
  • Encourage the exchange of experience among different accreditation bodies.
  • Support mutual recognition between conformity assessment bodies working in Egypt and abroad and conclude agreements for this purpose.
  • Represent the state abroad in accreditation activities and cooperate with corresponding bodies.

A copy from OSS with the IAF and EGAC accreditation for The Grand Egyptian OSS ISO 45001 certificate

EGAC Target:-

To establish mutual recognition with accreditation bodies in other countries operating to equivalent standards.


In respect of consistency, impartiality, confidentiality and integrity in all our activities to achieve EGAC aims and objectives as set out in our Quality Manual.

provides accreditation services:-

In accordance with accepted established principles of quality assurance and the internationally agreed requirements and recommendations for the operation of accreditation systems.

EGAC accreditation is provided to the conformity assessment bodies such that to meet the requirements of the international standards. 

EGAC Accreditation Scopes:

  • Testing Laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025)
  • Calibration Laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025)
  • Medical Testing Laboratories (ISO 15189)
  • Management System Certification Bodies (ISO /IEC 17021)
  • HALAL Certification Bodies
  • Inspection Bodies (ISO/IEC 17020)
  • Persons Certification Bodies (ISO/IEC 17024)
  • Product Certification Bodies (ISO/IEC 17065)
  • Technical Proficiency Testing Service Providers (ISO/IEC 17043)
  • Forensic Laboratories (ISO/IEC 17025 and/or ISO/IEC 17020)
  • Biotechnology — Biobanking Laboratories (ISO 20387)

Accreditation Services:

In Accordance with Accepted Established Principles of Quality Assurance and the Internationally Agreed Requirements and Recommendations for the Operation of Accreditation Systems.

EGAC Accreditation is Provided to the Conformity Assessment Bodies Such that to Meet the Requirements of the International Standards.

Note: International Recognition of Accreditation Means Acceptance of the Outputs of Conformity Assessment Bodies Approved by the Egyptian Accreditation Council in All Countries of the World Signatory to the Convention on International Recognition from International Organizations Related to Accreditation, which are Other Accreditation Bodies.
And also accepting reports and certificates of conformity assessment bodies applied to international standards in all countries of the world that are signatories to the Mutual Recognition Agreement from international organizations related to accreditation.
International Recognition of Accreditation Means competency, impartiality, independence, integrity, and transparency.

What you will gain with the EGAC certificate?

  • You have an approval and Accepted accreditation in all Countries of the World With no need to repeat reports and Conform your accredit again.
  • Confirm the Validity and Credibility of the Recognized Accreditation Body and that it Works in Accordance with International Specifications and Standards.
  • Reducing the Risks that Companies and their Customers may be Exposed to by Obtaining an Internationally Recognized Accreditation Certificate.
  • Strengthening Credit as an Effective Mechanism to Provide Confidence in Goods and Services, Which is Necessary to Facilitate Global Trade.

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