Procedure for complaints and appeals OSS MP-07

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  1.    Purpose

The purpose of this procedure is describing the guidelines for handling with the raised of dissatisfaction, dispute and appeal by customer, applicant, interested party related to OSS management system or certification activities or on certification decision or for person involved in the certification activities.

  • Scope
    • From the receiving the complaints.
    • To completely solving the root causes.
  • Responsibility

The OSS ME shall be responsible for all decisions at all levels of the appeals/complain-handling process the key responsibility lies with the GM OF OSSME.

  • Definitions


  • Procedures


  • If Appeal/Complain is received, it shall be registered in customer complain /appeal File on the receiving date, and then be conveyed to the GM and determination relating to Appeal/Complain shall be made. During appeal/ Complaint /Dissatisfaction investigation following should be considered:
  • an outline of the process for receiving, validating and investigating the appeal/complain, and for deciding what actions are to be taken in response to it, considering the results of previous tracking and recording appeals/complain, including actions undertaken to resolve them.
  • ensuring that any appropriate correction and corrective action are taken
  • The determination of Appeal/complain/dissatisfaction shall be made or examined and approved by gathering and verifying all necessary information to validate the complaint/Appeal. The person having no connection with the Appeal/complain/dissatisfaction is responsible and it shall not cause any discriminate measures to appeal/ complain/ dissatisfaction – raising organization/ person.
  • If received appeal/ complain/ dissatisfaction is directly related with certification activity, investigation team shall be collected within one day and necessary measures including writing of customer dissatisfaction/appeal handling report etc., shall be taken.
  • In principle, if customer complains /appeal handling report is completed, the measures shall be taken within 5 business days.
  • In the case of dissatisfaction with certification customer, inquiry to certified customer shall be made at an adequate period.
  • If the received Appeal/complain/dissatisfaction has no connection with certification activity, it shall be notified to the department concerned on that day and dealt with within 3 working days. When notification of correcting dissatisfaction is made, all measures taken shall record and closed on the customer complain /appeal file.
  • If it exceeds the period of handling the complain/appeal, the measures against it shall be taken after receiving the approval of the GM and intimate to complainer.
  • While intimating to complainer about the measures taken against complain/appeal. If noticed that is any further complain/ appeal are not satisfied with the actions taken against the complaint / appeal, further investigation or action shall be completed within 30 days to make satisfied.
  • If appeal raised is received exceeds 30 days after the closing, it will be note in customer complain /appeal File. But whether to act shall be determined by the GM.

Validity of appeals and complains shall be confirmed and all collected information shall be approved. Also, similar previous results of appeal shall be considered.

  • Object of dissatisfaction, whether to disclose the settlement and its range shall be determined together with customer /dissatisfaction raiser. The determination on the confidentiality of complaint requires the appeal rising against the complain of a certain person concerned and this determination shall be justified.
  • Trail and record about action taken for settlement of appeal and complaints should be maintained. Also appeal raising customer should be made aware / informed time to time about the actions taken regarding the progress status of complaints. Proper correction and corrective action should be taken.
  • If complainer is not satisfied with the result, or passed three months from agreed time, it can be sent over OSS ME.
  • Appealer shall be notified closing process of appeals and complaints by receiving the written satisfactory statements from Appealer and official letter by OSS To avoid the any discriminatory actions against the appellant.
  • The appeals & Complaint handling process & its status is publicly accessible on the web site OSS ME.
  1. Complain / Appeal control steps:
  1. Receive dissatisfaction:
  2. All complain/Appeal/dissatisfaction shall be received officially to OSS by Letter/Email/Telephonic etc. by complainer.
  3. The content of complain/Appeal/ dissatisfaction shall be noted in customer complain sheet and conveyed to the GM.
  4. Received complain/Appeal/ dissatisfaction shall notify by telephone or Email or official letters.
    1. Complaints related to certification activity

Check if the content of dissatisfaction is directly related to certification activity. If it is (Yes) move on to [6.5] step and If it isn’t (No) move on to *6/4+ step 6.4 Handling of Complains.

  1. Dissatisfaction which isn’t directly related to certification activity

shall be dealt by the person in charge of dissatisfaction and reported verbally. And then it shall be closed after ensuring that it is noted on customer complain /appeal File. At this time additional follow-up measures aren’t taken and corrective actions are taken only when necessary.

  1. Dissatisfaction investigation

It shall be dealt with by collecting independent investigation team and if it is related to certification activities, for the investigation of complain/Appeal/dissatisfaction, the effectiveness of certified management system/Persons shall be considered. The result of investigation shall be written on customer Complain /appeal File.

  1.     Handling of Dissatisfaction

take actions to settle dissatisfaction and record the result of measures in customer Complain /appeal File.

Notify customer/Interested Party who raised dissatisfaction of the result of measures.

  1. Satisfaction of actions:

Is customer/Interested Party who raised dissatisfaction satisfied with the result of measures?

If he/she is (Yes) move on to [6.8] step If he/she isn’t (No) move on to *6.7+ step.

  1. Corrective Action

                   Dissatisfaction which isn’t directly related to certification activity shall be dealt by the person in charge of dissatisfaction and customer complaint /appeal file shall be closed and signed (approved) and conveyed to the person in charge. And then it is notified to customer officially. If recognized as corrective actions are required, take corrective actions.

  1. Receive appeal

                     The appeal received to OSS, shall be attended within 72 hrs. All raising of appeal shall be conveyed to the GM and note in customer complain/Appeal file.

  1. Satisfied with conclusion

Is appeal raising customer satisfied with the conclusion of appeal handling team? If yes, the appeal raising        customer will give the written satisfactory statements to OSS to avoid discriminatory actions. Similarly, OSS will also send the official satisfaction closer to appellant to avoid the discriminatory actions. If he/she is (Yes) move on after returning to [6.8] step If she/he isn’t (No) move on to *6.10+ step.

  1. Arbitration process

The person who isn’t satisfied with the determination of OSS appeal handling can raise appeal additionally and this appeal shall be submitted officially within 30 days after receiving the determination of appeal Handling. This appeal raising shall be submitted to arbitration process of OSS ME and all the people interested shall agree to follow the determination of the arbitrator

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