OSS Middle East

OSS MIDDLE EAST is one of the leading companies in the field of quality systems certification.

To release certificates of the standards ISO internationally. Iso Certification Services  In the Middle East and Egypt in particular. Since 2010, we have chosen to achieve our customers’ pursuit of quality certificates in various fields.

Likewise, all kinds of ISO certificates by providing the best consulting services carefully designed to meet the need of our clients to obtain competence, experience, knowledge, and good training to perform their work effectively. we strive to raise the professional level of the human component and raise the efficiency of the institution.

Our Mission

in OSS MIDDLE EAST is to help you in the best possible way so that your company obtaining the appropriate quality system accredited internationally.

Iso Certification Services

We release all types of ISO certificates and various internationally accredited quality certificates, including: –

The OSS MIDDLE EAST also checks and calibrates many types of cranes such as: –

(Tower Crane – overhead crane – Telescopic Crane – forklift crane…etc.) Release the calibration certificates, with accreditation from 

Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA).  

We help clients to achieve a high level of excellence and quality in the performance of their business, by providing advice to employers on ways to improve performance and reduce risks and achieve sustainable growth for the institution.

OSS MIDDLE EAST depends on

  • Excellent training programs.
  • Consulting services with the highest quality.
  • Working procedures allow us to follow-up with all customers to ensure analysis and evaluation of our business results and measure the extent of development that we provide them.
  • Follow-up training services for the teamwork within the company to ensure the application of the skills that we have provided to obtain a quality certificate.

The aim is to help institutions in the Middle East to make quality and accuracy a culture and a permanent work method for them.

We are an internationally accredited as certification body form many institutes body with, including: –
And registered with many Egyptian entities and institutions, including: