Egypt Air Cargo ISO Certified

مصر للطيران تنجح في الحصول علي شهادات " الأيزو" في مجالات الجودة والسلامة والبيئة والصحة المهنية

OSS Middle East released ISO certification to Egypt Air Cargo Logistics Hub in quality, safety, environment and occupational health and safety on 8 July 2022 in the in the presence of Eng. Mohamed Habib Chairman and Managing Director of OSS Middle East and Capt. Gasser Hussein, Chairman and Managing Director of EGYPTAIR Cargo.

EGYPTAIR Cargo gets 4 ISO certificates in record time

Getting ISO certification is considered as a new achievement to the Aviation company in a different size, and Egypt Air Cargo Hub as an international company record its high quality management standards in various aspect such Food safety, environment, quality management and occupational health and safety. Beside, this achieving will have a great impact on achieving the best internationally recognized standards in a long time.

EGYPTAIR Cargo has obtain four ISO certificates in record time, only three months, following its successful application of an integrated system that meets globally-recognized standards.

Capt. Gasser Hussein, Chairman and Managing Director of EGYPTAIR Cargo, received 4 ISO certificates during a ceremony held at the company’s headquarters (ISO 9001 Quality – ISO 22000 Food Safety – ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety – ISO 14001 Environmental Management) under the sign of The ISO Gate in the Middle East of OSS Middle East.

OSS Released ISO certificate to Egyptair cargo

OSS Audit team do their best for successfully finishing this huge project on time. To ensure the greatest benefit for an organization, audits are crucial for assessing the success of processes, and systems whether it is existing or newly-implemented.

Quality Auditor
Quality management ISO certification ISO certified

Within only half of the applicable period, OSS Auditors finished the quality audit process for quality management system “ISO 9001”, Food safety management system “ISO 22000”, occupational health and safety (OH&S) “ISO 45001”, and environmental management system “ISO 14001”.

In a statement, Board Chairman of Egypt Air Holding Company Amr Abul Enein said this achievement adds to the company’s success stories in adhering to relevant globally-recognized standards, as well as its commitment to obtain and renew various kinds of international civil aviation certification and accreditation.

مصر للطيران تحصل علي شهادات الايزو
Quality management ISO certification ISO certified Aviation ISO

منح مصر للطيران للشحن الجوي شهادات الايزو
Egypt Air Cargo Hub get ISO certificates

Why ISO is important in business?

ISO certification can enable a company to streamline their productivity, positively augment their resource procurement and grow internationally. Increased efficiency fosters innovation and operation growth. The productivity boost will heighten a company’s competitive advantage and increase market share.

What is ISO in aviation?

The International Organization for Standardization ( ISO ) is a world wide federation founded in 1946 to promote the development of international manufacturing, trade and communications standards.

Egypt Air Cargo Logistics Hub

Egypt Air Cargo Logistics Hub

EGYPTAIR CARGO Founded in 2002, as a subsidiary business unit of EGYPTAIR Holding. Since its foundation, EGYPTAIR CARGO has been on the forefront of transporting and handling of general and special cargo.

EGYPTAIR CARGO fleet is composed of three long range wide body aircrafts A330-200P2F and the bellies capacity of our sister company planes [EGYPTAIR AIRLINES] are a significant capacity added to EGYPTAIR CARGO capability. This allows us to fly and to serve more than 70 scheduled international destinations in the major cities in USA, Canada, Europe, Africa, Gulf area and Far east.

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