First Woman as ISO President!

أول امرأة تصبح رئيسة ISO.

Who is the new ISO president and how is he chosen? Will any of the decisions within the organization be affected?

On November 26 of the current year 2020, Ulrika Franke from Sweden was declared the winner of the global ISO for a period starting from January 2022. first female as ahead of the international ISO to succeed the current head of the ISO Eddy Njoroge from Kenya Which will end his term at the end of 2021.

International Organization for Standardization - ISO President

Who is Eddy Njoroge the current president of ISO?

Mr. Njoroge holds a Bachelor’s degree. (Hons) in Chemistry / Biochemistry from Makerere University – Uganda and Master of Business Administration (Leadership and Sustainability) from the University of Cumbria.

He has been elected as the ISO President for a two-year term beginning on January 1, 2020 and ending on January 1, 2022 as the first ISO President from Africa. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of several African companies, including Telkom Kenya, Britam General Insurance Company, Corbetti Geothermal Company in Ethiopia, as well as the President of the Kenya Pooled Water Fund, and he held several previous positions, the most important of which was the former Chairman of the Nairobi Stock Exchange, where he was its Chairman.

 For seven years. He also held the position of President of the Association of Electric Power Producers and Distributors in

Africa, providing him with an objective insight and perspective on the energy sector in Africa in depth.

From 2008 to 2012 he was CEO of KenGen (Kenya Power Generation Corporation), and led the company’s transformation from a quasi-government to a publicly traded company with greater commercial orientation and sustainability.

He is also a board member of major companies including Globeleq (an African energy company owned by Norfund and CDC), a member of the investment committee of the Africa Renewable Energy Fund, a board member of the Kenya Standards Bureau (chairing the Standards Approval Committee), and other companies.

He has won many awards and honors for his contribution to the development of the industry,

  • Elder of the Burning Spear (EBS).
  • Chief of the Burning Spear (CBS) by the President of Kenya.
  • Ordre National du Mérite from the President of France.
  • And a Lifetime Award, in recognition of his contribution to transforming the energy sector in Africa.

Who is Ulrika Francke, the first female as ahead of the international ISO?

Ms. Frank is educated at Stockholm University and has been invited as a strategic advisor and honorary professor at the Joint Construction Center for China Smart Urbanization of High Density Areas at Tongji University in Shanghai. She is Chair of the National Research Program for Sustainable Spatial Planning and a board member of the Volvo Foundation for Research and Education. Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering and Sciences

She is the Deputy Mayor of Stockholm and was Chair of the BIM Alliance and is currently Vice President of the Swedish Standards Institute SIS, a member of the ISO. She has extensive experience in the field of ISO certification and international standards, and her experience extends to the public and private sectors.

Elected as the first woman to become President of ISO, TRC, as a women-led organization, has supported the nomination of Mrs. Frank in her new role. the first female as ahead of the international ISO. The importance represents for the growing female demographic in the international and industrial sphere.

“I am honored to be elected by the ISO members to be its next president,” said Ulrika Francke. In her letter to the ISO members, she continued:

“I look forward to presenting my full commitment to the ISO mission, vision and values ​​while we continue to enhance our work in setting international standards with flexibility and integrity of service and excellence. ISO is doing a great job in developing the latest international standards to drive innovation, address global challenges and achieve the United Nations goals for sustainable development.” Its commitment to provide continuous support. To its members and the global community, it is a testament to its long-standing presence as one of the largest standards development organizations in the world. “

Oss Middle East Company, as one of the entities and bodies approved for ISO certification in Egypt and the Middle East, we see that the nomination of Ulrika Francke for the position represents an addition to the organization because of its experience and valuable balance and under her supervision we will see remarkable activity in the organization as it has a proven track record in leading the development and implementation of visions, strategies, and goals of companies. The current president welcomed her and stated that he would like to work with her in the coming period

Corona and the international ISO challenge:

Through what happened in the year 2020 of flexible dealing with the Corona epidemic, the ISO standardization organization has proven its ability to challenge and implement the work and tasks needed by the industrial community around the world.

Thousands of virtual meetings were held, including the one to vote on candidate Ulrika Francke. The ISO organization will continue to implement the strategy whose objectives were discussed until 2030.

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