GEM Conservation Center awarded ISO45001

The Grand Egyptian Museum

On the International Day of Tourism September 27th 2020 , the GEM Conservation Center is awarded the certification of approval from the International Standard for Occupational Safety and Health Management System ISO 45001: 2018.

oss middle east -GEM Conservation Centre

Engineer Hany El Dessouki, Executive Director of the National Council for Accreditation, hands over the ISO certificate to His Excellency Major General Engineer Atef Moftah, General Supervisor of the GEM Project.

ISO 45001 certification

Also in attendance was Major General Engineer Mohamed Ossman, Head of Central Administration for Accreditation, Mr. Hussein Fawzi, Director of Accreditation for Certification Bodies, Engineer Mohamed Habib, General Manager of OSS Middle East, and Dr. Elshimaa Eid, Head of Health and Safety at the GEM.

Engineer Mohamed Habib -OSS Middle East -GEM Conservation Centre

This is the first time that the prestigious ISO certificate has been awarded to an Egyptian museum.

  • The ISO standard (ISO45001: 2018) is considered one of the most important international standards in the field of occupational safety and health.
  • It is worth noting that the ISO certificate (ISO45001: 2018) includes requirements such as:
  • the institution’s context, planning,
  • performance evaluation,
  • continuous improvement and risk management.
The GEM Conservation Centre has awarded the certification ISO 45001:2018

In addition to fulfilling the requirements of the International Standard for Occupational Safety and Health Management System, the measures contribute to increasing organizational flexibility and preventative risk management.

Proactive and motivational innovation and continuous improvement of all activities in the GEM Conservation Center promotes the compatibility of all operations and various activities with the relevant legislation and laws.

The GEM Conservation Center has taken into account the highest standards for the application of occupational and environmental safety, health and environmental measures.

There are also many means of preventing fire and explosions at work-sites with training for all workers, ensuring the GEM enjoys the highest safety standards, reflected in the safety of all visitors to the GEM.

The GEM Conservation Center has obtained the ISO Certification of Occupational Safety and Health in light of the current world-wide Corona crisis.

Such international recognition is a mark of GEM’s commitment and application of on-going strategies to limit the spread of disease among workers and those connected with the museum.

This recognition is a result of the President’s vision to provide guarantees of safety for all.

This will have a positive impact on Egyptian tourism, as visitors will be assured that all safety precautions comply with the highest international standards at the GEM.

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In January of 2002, the Egyptian government announced a worldwide competition for the design of a new museum complex to house, display, and preserve some of the world’s greatest ancient treasures with which the modern country of Egypt has the privilege of being entrusted.

The following month, a ceremonial foundation stone was laid at the site selected for the new project, a site only two kilometers away from Egypt’s greatest monuments and the only remaining wonder of the ancient world – the Pyramids of Giza.

In 2003, the winner of the architectural design competition was announced at a press conference in Cairo, with the Irish firm Heneghan Peng Architects securing the contract to turn their ultra-modern concept into the new Grand Egyptian Museum.

Construction on the new museum began in earnest in 2005, but setbacks of environmental, financial, and political natures soon beset the ambitious project and monumental delays ensued.

As the outbreak of the Arab Spring reached Egypt in early 2011, work on the project ground to a halt as the country experienced several years of unfortunate political instability and uncertainty. Tourism to Egypt also dwindled during these years, drying up the government’s coffers and jeopardizing the grand new museum’s future.

But following the restabilization of the government in 2014 and the preservation of that stability ever since, the project soon got back on track and construction resumed with the help of international loans to cover the financial shortfalls caused by the lingering effects of the tourism downturn.

When the Grand Egyptian Museum fully opens to the public in late 2020, it will be the largest archaeological museum complex in the world and host to more than 100,000 artifacts. For the first time ever, King Tut’s entire treasure collection will be on display alongside artifacts from pre-historic times through Egypt’s many thousands of years of pharaonic civilization through the [comparatively] more modern ancient Greek and Roman periods of Egyptian history.

While the Egyptian government has previously announced that the GEM will open its doors to the general public in 2018 and again in 2019, we cautioned at the time that those opening dates were very likely to change. Now, however, we believe that the late-2022 target to be set in stone (pun intended).


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