Registration of ISO certificates

Registration of ISO certificates

all information about the Registration of ISO certificates and how to choose the best ISO certification donors

Terms of reference for the ISO Certification Unit:

  • Control and control the certification process.
  • Trust is achieved for all parties concerned with granting certificates, and accordingly those who obtain these certificates.
  • Lending legitimacy to donors and giving them international references to prevent opportunities to tamper with granting certificates except to those who deserve them.
  • Equal opportunities for certified institutions, which encourage the export process.
  • A supervisory presence creates a type of commitment for certification institutions.
  • Addressing all types of deviations from the obligations mentioned in management systems.
Procedures for the Registration of ISO certificates :
  • The donor submits an application with the required documents attached.
  • The donor completes the registration form.
  • The commission must verify the validity of the international certification.
  • The donor must pay the standard costs.
  • The donor should have a recognized legal entity.
  • The activity of the donor should include consulting and qualification for granting certificates.
  • Inclusion of the accreditation of the donor for the geographical scope in Egypt.
  • Issuing a letter from the authority stating the registration of the donor.

The purpose of the certificate is not to:

The donor should aim not only to grant a certificate, but also to strive to achieve the requirements and dependencies of this certificate.

Conditions to be met by the ISO certification bodies:

Donor advisors create a system to qualify the institution to obtain a Registration of ISO certificates and to make this system effective they must do the following:

  • Carrying out a study to assess the current situation and the desired situation, “gap analysis”.
  • Prepare a plan for developing the institution.
  • Doing awareness-raising among the Foundation’s employees, introducing them to the new system, and making them aware of the requirements and dependencies of the certificate.
  • Create a package of system documents.
  • Qualifying human cadres in the institution, to be able to manage and implement.
  • Actual supervision of the implementation of this system.
  • Do an internal review of the system administration.
What the donors provide to the ISO certification institutions:
  • Conducting training sessions to educate the institution’s employees about the system.
  • A training course for auditing to understand the system.
  • Preparing and making documents for the system.
  • Ensure that employees are practically trained in implementing the system’s activities.
  • Make the necessary corrections in case of non-conformity.

Certification Donors in Egypt:

Oss Middle East is one of the Best ISO Certification Donors in the Middle East and Egypt in particular. Since 2001, we have chosen to achieve our customers’ pursuit of quality certificates in various fields. As well as all types of ISO certificates by providing the best consulting services carefully designed to meet the need of our customers to obtain competence, experience, knowledge, and good training to perform their work effectively and strive to raise the professional level of the human component and raise the efficiency of the institution. Our mission is to help you in the best possible way until you get Registration of ISO certificates and have the appropriate internationally certified quality system.

We are accredited to many international entities, including:

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