How do you choose the best ISO certification donors?

Best ISO Certification Donors

Best ISO Certification Donors:

ISO of various types has become the focus of many institutions seeking success and access to universality and not being satisfied with local area.

Institutions are interested in the comparison between ISO donors without having a realistic vision and a scientific standard for the preference of these bodies.

Knowing that all of these authorities give the same certificate and there are no differences between them.

Different criteria among donors:

Note that the variation in the criteria of these donors is simple, but we will mention, for example, and not limited to:

Interest of the donor in the standards:

The ISO certification body should be known for its interest in international audits, rigor, and firmness in its application.

This is to ensure that the organization holding the certificate that its system follows the standards of obtaining ISO certificates.

Approval of the donor:

The donor must be accredited and certified and work under the auspices of the IAF International Certification Forum, such as:

  • 1- EGAC في مصر.            
  • 2- IAS في أمريكا.               
  • 3- UKAS في بريطانيا.
  • 4- JAS ANZ في أستراليا.
  • 5- TURKAK في تركيا.
  • 6- DAKKS في ألمانيا.
not expedite the qualification period:

This is so that the representative of the donor organization can qualify the organization’s employees for the basic pillars of the system and transfer its expertise to them carefully.

for more detail continue in Registration of ISO certificates

Certification Donors in Egypt:

Oss Middle East is one of the Best ISO Certification Donors in the Middle East and Egypt in particular. Since 2001, we have chosen to achieve our customers’ pursuit of quality certificates in various fields. As well as all types of ISO certificates by providing the best consulting services carefully designed to meet the need of our customers to obtain competence, experience, knowledge, and good training to perform their work effectively and strive to raise the professional level of the human component and raise the efficiency of the institution. Our mission is to help you in the best possible way until you get Your company has the appropriate internationally certified quality system.

We are accredited to many international entities, including:

We give all kinds of ISO certificates and internationally recognized quality certificates, including

For more information, you can contact our expert team in Oss Middle East by registering an order or calling our phone numbers and we will provide your company with a price quote and we are happy to answer all inquiries.

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