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ISO 9001 quality certification

As the international Standard for quality management, ISO 9001 has been developed by experts from around the world to help you put quality at the heart of your organization. To help you do this, ISO 9001 builds upon seven key principles. By following these QMS principles, you will be able to reap the rewards of greater consistency, better customer satisfaction and stronger performance.

In short, the seven principles of quality management are:

  1. Engagement of people
  2. Customer focus
  3. Leadership
  4. Process approach
  5. Improvement
  6. Evidence-based decision making
  7. Relationship management
  8. These principles are the basis of the ISO 9000 suite of quality standards, including ISO 9001:2015.

Why you need to have ISO 9001 quality certification?

Among the most prominent internal quality auditing and management tools to achieve quality,

The 9001 Quality Management Standard is always on top.

Because it puts your hands on customer requirements .

and access to the highest levels of continuous improvement.

in order to reach the product for globalization, so quality certification has become ISO 9001 the main door for that.

Quality is the dominant language in today’s world to reach customer satisfaction and achieve its ambitions.

In order to compete and reach the product globally,

A comprehensive quality system must be applied that seeks to satisfy customers’ aspirations.

Manufacture of the ISO 9001 Quality Manual:

The ISO 9001 Quality Certification sets you up an internal audit program to plan for the highest effectiveness in creating your organization’s quality guide.

It sets you to control criteria to measure the effectiveness of the development of the establishment and determine its activities to reach the highest rates of development and growth.

ISO 9001 QMS Principles :

To implement the ISO 9001 quality certificate, we must first get to know its principles and summarize them as follows:

  1. Quality of internal audit.
  2. Internal audit concept.
  3. Enterprise internal audit skills.
  4. Make a comprehensive plan at the levels of management for the internal audit.
  5. Determine directions for the internal audit process.
  6. Work to define internal control trends for risk assessment.
  7. The organization prepares reports showing the status of the internal audit.
  8. Performing a financial analysis to be subject to an internal audit.
  9. Establish a mechanism to ensure an internal audit is achieved.
  10. A review of ISO 9001 standards in the quality manual industry.

So we are in the process of setting up a mechanism to achieve an investigation system.

within the organization to reach the desired goal, which is the quality system and based on customer satisfaction.

Then a qualification training program was developed within the organization to achieve the ISO 9001 system.

7 QMs Principles of Quality Management | Systems | ISO 9001 | QMS
QMS Principle

Developing the skills of the institution’s employees:

On the above frameworks, the Foundation seeks to implement the quality system ISO 9001.

Whether you are a quality employee or you want to go into this field,

you are on a date to be responsible for quality in your organization. There are many tasks for which the employee is responsible in the organization’s 9001 quality system

On this basis, we know the importance of the Quality Officer,

which is indispensable if the organization seeks growth and outreach and meets the standards of the ISO 9001 quality certification

Therefore, the Quality Officer has to have goals that must be achieved within the organization. The institution must make an administrative and organizational effort to influence its employees.

to reach them to the requirements of the quality officer and develop the institution’s overall performance. At Oss Middle East, we can assist your company in training and qualification to obtain the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate.


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